Turnitin launches iThenticate 2.0 to help maintain integrity of high stakes content with AI writing detection
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Partner Type:

  • Technical integration


  • Admissions


  • Higher education

Full Fabric

Our platform is made of 3 modules:

Foundation: A CRM that lets you set up, maintain & monitor every interaction throughout the lead lifecycle.

  • Create mobile-friendly landing pages, enquiry & event forms
  • Import your leads, segment your database, automate tasks with our Workflows & track results
  • Create marketing campaigns

Origin: An admissions platform to convert more applicants & retain the best students.

  • Customise the entire process, giving you the ability to quickly tailor the applicant experience by programme or status (started, submitted, accepted, enrolled students,.)
  • Intuitive process that delivers an engaging, personalised & branded web experience where applicants can easily track the progress of their application

Core: Our Student Information & Management System.

Through the student portal, a unique intuitive interface, students can easily access their timetable & course materials, as well as their attendance & grades. This helps maintain relationships between staff & students.

"Turnitin is an exciting partner for Full Fabric as it is uniquely placed as an undisputed global leader for plagiarism checking and provides a sophisticated tool for lecturers to provide feedback to students with its Feedback Studio. Turnitin is a perfect partner for Full Fabric, as it provides essential plagiarism checking for student essays and assignments which are entered into Full Fabric"

Nicholas Merican

Product Manager - Full Fabric